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Welcome to our Counting Sheeps. A home to travelers, a hostel, with private rooms, a coffee shop & bar.

Our Story

In some cultures, counting sheep is a mental exercise to help one fall asleep. A person (who is trying to sleep) will imagine a series of sheep jumping over a fence (or lava if one wants to be creative), and count the sheep as they jump.

Our founder, Nicky had been using this trick to help him sleep since he was young. When he decided to open up a hostel (where a lot of sleeping is involved), he thought that naming his hostel Counting Sheeps may help remind his guests to use this old fashioned trick to help them sleep.

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Meet Nicky

Founder, CEO, manager, president, and chairman of Counting Sheeps.


Hello, friends & family Sawasdee krub.

Welcome to Counting Sheeps At CNX, your home away from home. The only place in Chiang Mai that truly has a friendly vibe. Visit the city with advice and information from locals(me & my staff & family friends). Get a real insight to this amazing heaven.

By the way, I look better in real life ;D See you soon my friends